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Border defense &Coastaldefence


    Border defense and coastal defense are to prevent and resist aggression in the national boundaries, border areas, coastal areas, ports and other places. In order to defend and resist aggression, preventthe theft of state secrets, sale of prohibited items, a series of military activities has been done. Peaceful years, modern warfare has gradually changed from the mechanization of the industrial era to the informationization of the information age. The information management of coastal defense and border defense has been gradually mentioned in an extremely important position.


    For the border defense area, the customized FW-T700 series base stations easy loading, concealed layout. The universal handheld terminal, multi-mediadispatching, video/image transmission can be realized.

    For the coastal defense area, FW-B14/B18/B400 series communication base stations can be used. Coastal area multi station networking, stable video backhaul,multi-mediadispatching, etc.

Main function

l The border area defense operation, multi-mediadispatching.

l Coast defence environment networking, video monitoring, multi-mediadispatching.

l The system is a pure IP channel, which supports multiple data services access.

l High-speed 4G network expand using, Internet, WeChat business.

Main feature

FW-T700 series, small size, light weight, concealed installation, concealed operation.

Customized design, private network special using, nointerference from the public network.

National design, independent property rights, support the domestic mainstream encryption machine source encryption.

System architecture