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     With the gradual attention to environmental health, forest fire prevention, and tourism industries, the continuous development of afforestation and forest protection has become a top priority. LTE's high throughput and wide coverage has been gradually applied to video monitoring, forest fire prevention, and emergency communications.

    Opencast mining has a wide range of operations, large mobile devices, equipment allocation, production process complex, high degree of automation, cable laying and other problems.LTE, wide coverage, high throughput, strong anti-interference, no need to dig trenches and other features, has been widely used in mining.


    System construction based on FW-B14/B18/B400 4G LTE private base stations, multi-station networkingcan be applied to forestry systems for video surveillance, emergency communications, image/data acquisition, GPS location system, environmental inspections, travel information distribution, etc. it’s also can be applied to mining for video surveillance, emergency communications, operating system data transmission, office networks, etc.

Main function

l Dispatching system - Security Commanding

l video monitoring - Mining, scenic spot monitoring

l Data link - transmission of environment, operation information, travel information

Main feature

Multi business integration

    The system integrates data collection, video monitoring, dispatching system,GPS location systemand so on.

Operating value

    Private network advertising, scenic spot traffic report, weather data release, etc.

Private networkspecial using

    Custom the company’s own network, completely different from the public network. One time investment in network construction, low cost.

LTE private network forestry network application