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Ocean & Lake


    The traditional public network coverage and capacity cannot solve the problem of controllable on site, reachable and commandable. In order toimprove the level of engineering informationdeploy new forcesthe innovation of new means of communication is urgently needed. For the characteristics of private networks, the LTE network can cover 40 to 50 kilometers in seas or lakes locations. When the demand exceeds the single-station coverage, multi-station networking can be used to achieve a large-scale, large-capacity private 4G network.


    System construction based on FW-B14/B18/B400 4G LTE private base stations, integrated video monitoring system, multi-mediadispatching system, data acquisition and analysis system, security enforcement system, GPS system, etc. A wide range of visible, reachable, and commandable operating systems is formed.

Main function

l Multi-mediadispatching systempersonnel placement, law enforcement ship scheduling.

l Video monitoring, storage. Easy to view, replay the illegal and irregular behaviors.

l Data collection of environmental monitoring systems such as oceans and lakes.

l High-speed 4G network expand using, Internet, WeChat business.

Main feature

Private networkspecial using

    Custom the company’s own network,completely different from the public network. One time investment in network construction, low cost.

Exclusive the network resources

    The customized system design is different from the public network. The ratio between upstream and downstream is 3:1, which is favorable for video monitoring and other video uploading.