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Emergency communication


    In the process of rescue and disaster relief, security maintenance, and large-scale event support, the emergency wireless communication system plays an extremely important role and plays an indispensable role. Emergency communication is a special communications system, it’s temporary and responds to emergencies. Using of this communication method, it is usually accompanied by the existing public networks paralysis.


    The system mainly carries the FW-T700 series communication base station independently developed by our company, combined with intelligent terminal, scheduling system and other equipment, realize a private network within 1-3 kilometers coverage of accident site. According to the actual situation, the two-way audio and video can be transmitted to the command center by public network, microwave network or satellite network. The first time reached the goal of rescue the disaster, maintain safety and stability.

Main function

l Two-way audio and video can be transmitted between mobile unit (vehicle or handheld) and the command vehicle.

l Two-way audio and video communication between mobile units

l The audio and video conferences can be realized between mobile units by command vehicle.

l The audio and video sent back by any mobile unit can be distributed to other mobile unit by the command vehicle.

l Multiple mobile units can form a temporary group, group calls can be completed by PTT.

l Multi-media dispatching functions can be realized between mobile units

l Storage and playback functions is supported.

Main feature

Light and flexible

    Integrated design, light weight, easy disassembly, portable and loadable.

Compatible and diverse

    Universal design, extensive interfaces, support public network, microwave, satellite and other access mode.

Professional and efficient

    Establishing time is short (<2 minutes), it is not affected by the public network.